Negative Effects Of Sleep Derivation On The Health Of Seniors

Negative Effects Of Sleep Derivation On The Health Of Seniors

 Sleep is very important in any anyone’s life. It is actually natural defense of the body against diseases and sickness. When you sleep, your body gets the time to repair and replace cellular breakdown that had happened during the day. Having a good sleep at night everyday is very important for your energy levels, mood, and your general health. However, it tends to elude adults who are over 65. So, as you age, you should find ways to ensure that you are having a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your body and mind. For elderly individuals, lack of sleep might cause a lot of health problems. Some of the most common health problems that sleep deprivation can cause in an elderly person includes:

  1. Memory problems

Lack of sleep leads interferes with cognitive functions, including long-term memory loss, short-term memory loss, trouble with problem-solving skills, trouble with creativity and concentration.

  • More falls

Sleep deprivation can make seniors drowsy and tired during the day. Being drowsy poses a danger to you because it can significantly affect your coordination and balance in a negative way. This will make you more prone to falls. Falls is one of the major causes of injuries in people who are 65 years and older. Apart from bone fracture and breakage, falls can also cause head injuries among other health problems, which can lead to hospitalization of the injured individual for several week or even months.

  • Increases your risk for heart disease

There are so many health risks that are associated with sleep deprivation not only in seniors, but in all people irrespective of the age. Sleep deprivation can increase your risk of high blood sugar levels, and high blood pressure. This makes you at risk of diabetes and obesity, which are the main causes of heart disease.

  • Mood swings

When you don’t get enough sleep, you are more likely to be quick-tempered, emotional, and moody. All these can affect your appetite negatively, and you might not be able to eat as you should. For instance, you might not be able to stick to healthy diet, and you might also skip meals. All these can make you vulnerable to various diseases and chronic conditions. Having a 2020 medicare supplement plans high impulsivity trait also makes you more likely to fall. Being moody can also affect your mental health and will increase your risk of suffering Alzheimer’s.

How senior citizens can invest better in mutual funds?

How senior citizens can invest better in mutual funds?

Mutual funds are the safest to invest for senior citizens. It provides protection of capital, tax efficiency and easy liquidation. It’s challenging to manage life in low-income sources. In the days of retirement, they want to keep their life earnings safe, while generating a promised and moderate rate of return. For such a specific requirement all investment plans are not applicable. Fixed deposits assure you for keeping your money safe but they are not taxed efficiently. If you want to keep your money safe with returns and which can be easily liquidated then the mutual fund is the best option.

Choose short term debt mutual funds

Short term debt mutual funds provide higher returns than fixed deposits and bank saving accounts. They can be classified on the basis of time period i.e., 0 to 36 months. Short term debt mutual funds invest your money in treasury bills, commercial papers, corporate debt and certificate of deposits. The maturity period of securities in a liquid fund is about 90 days while short term funds maturity period ranges from six months to four years. Liquid mutual funds are considered to be the safest fund category.

Pick equity funds

If you want to get the best 2020 medicare supplement plans invest your money for a duration of about three years or more than that, you should then invest in equity mutual funds. Equity investment has high risk. However, a period of three years or more is sufficient to recover from the market ups and downs and also earn you some returns. For best returns, you should invest small sums for a long period of time.  

Easy redeem

Liquid mutual funds offer easy withdrawal of the sum i.e., it can be redeemed in a day. There is no lock-in or exit load. Equity funds can also be redeemed at any point in time. However, if the tenure of the equity fund is less than 1 year than you have to pay an exit load of 1%.  Always check for exit load before redeem.

Tax efficient earning

Mutual funds investment is tax efficient as compared to other investment options. Some equity funds are tax-free. Returns earned from equity fund held more than 1 year are tax-free.

Cost of mutual funds

Always compare the cost of mutual funds with others. Before investing consider the exit and expense ratio. Agents sell regular mutual funds including their commission which would increase your expenses. So, before investing make sure to check.

Best Investment Steps For Seniors

Best Investment Steps For Seniors

Investing is a very simple thing. It simply means putting your savings or earnings to work for you. Most people who have retired usually take part-time of full-time jobs to supplement their reduced income. But when you get 2020 Medicare supplement quotes at , your money will be working for you and you will have all the time to enjoy your golden years in style without any financial issues. There are plenty of ways you can make an investment. Some of these ways include bonds, stocks, real estate or mutual funds just to mention but a few options available for seniors and everybody else. Good thing is, most investments don’t actually require you to have huge amount of money for you to start them. Today, we thought it would be helpful to show you the most important investment steps you should follow.

Step 1: Start by getting your finances in order

The first step to investing is to examine your finances. Ensure that you pay any outstanding loans and credit card balances because these greatly eat into the money available for investing. Have a budget and know how much you should spend on the investment and how much should go on personal spending. Getting your finances in order will help you establish a reasonable investing budget.

Step 2: Learn investment basics

Of course, you don’t have to be an expert for you to invest. However, you should learn some investment basics. Learn and understand investment basics. This will make you better equipped to easily make informed and better investment decisions. For instance, learn about market efficiency, diversification, portfolio optimization, and financial theories among other financial theories. You should also learn about the differences between bonds, stocks, mutual funds, certificates of deposit (CDs), and ETFs.

Step 3: Set goals

Setting investing goals is the third step. Like all other investors, you definitely want to make more money. However, you also have your own goals that you intend to achieve through investment. Setting goals will help in determining what investment vehicle fits such goals in the best way. Whether your goal is capital appreciation, generating more income, or ensuring the safety of capital, you should be clear about it.

Step 4: Choose investments

The last step is to choose the investments. Be sure to choose only investments that you want to be part of your entire investment portfolio. For instance, you can look to ETFs (exchange trade funds) or mutual funds. You may choose individual bonds or stocks

Where senior citizen must invest their money?

Where senior citizen must invest their money?

The greatest concern of senior citizen in investing in safety. The main reason is their small income and less time to recover from financial setbacks. Senior investors must choose a good portfolio keeping in mind the risk tolerance and sufficient potential for growth. Finding the right balance between risk and returns is the key to a successful investment by them. Some of the major investment plans for senior investors are as follows:

Fixed annuities

Senior investors can purchase a fixed annuity from an insurance company which ensures you regular payment till you live. This is one of the best options provided to the senior investors who do not want to deal with the uncertainty of the stock markets and wanted to avoid risk. Fixed annuities are not insured by the FDIC and, due to inflation, the purchasing power of the fixed annuities is declining with time. Senior citizens can also buy immediate annuities which ensure future income. In exchange for some sums the company is providing guaranteed income. The guaranteed income is as strong as the company that issues it. They can also choose the term of the annuity such as 10-year pay-out, a joint life pay-out or a single life payout.

Buy bonds

Investing in bonds also help in the growth of the portfolio of senior investors. In bond investment, you loan your money to either government, a corporation or municipality. The borrower will pay you interest for a fixed time and when the bond matures your principle is returned to you. The interest income received can be a steady source of income for senior investors. There are short term, long term and mid-term bonds from which they can choose as per their requirements. Some bonds with adjustable interest rates can be purchased which are known as floating bonds. During retirement, get 2019 medicare supplement plans and individual bonds can be used to make a bond ladder with a maturity date that suits your future goals.

Rental real estate

Renting property is also a good source of income for senior citizens. There are certain expenses needed to be looked at before buying a rental property. Senior having experience in real estate can make it a business rental real estate to make a good investment. Don’t rush in buying a rental property, you must calculate potential expenses at that time frame. Getting into real estate looking at the success of others is not a good choice.

Common Financial Scammers Targeting Elderly Individuals

Common Financial Scammers Targeting Elderly Individuals

Crime against senior citizens continues to rise. If you are a senior citizen, then you should be more careful not to be the next victim of criminals who are mainly targeting seniors. In this post, we have highlighted some of the most common financial scams that usually target senior citizens. Knowing these scams is the first step towards protecting yourself against them. Here are some of them.

  1. Lottery & sweepstakes scams
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This is where a scammer calls you and tells you that you have just won a sweepstakes or a lottery of some kind, and for the money to be processed, you are required to pay some money. They may also tell you to provide them with your sensitive information about your bank account so that you can claim the winning. To protect your personal finance from these scammers, avoid tolerating phone conversations that try to tell you that you have won a price while you have never even participated in any lottery. You can only win a lottery if you usually participate. Furthermore, you can never be asked for money for your winnings to be processed.

  • Internet fraud

This is a common type of financial scam whereby someone calls you and pretends to be a computer security engineers and tries to convince you that your computer is at risk for an unknown security threat. The caller could pretend to offer you a security check for free over the phone with an aim of tricking you to give them the remote access to your office or home computers for supposed professional diagnosis. After getting remote access to your computer, they will go ahead and download some software that will enable them still your money from your own computer.

  • The grandparent scam

Typically, senior citizens are always supportive of their adult children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, financial scammers usually take advantage of this goodness. Grandparent scammers can call you and impersonate your adult grandchild with an aim of hitting you up for money. Typically, these crooks will call you and start speaking to you in a very low tone. They will call you grandpa or grandpa and they know that you will respond by asking whether that is so and so depending on the name of whom you think is calling you. They will then tell you that they are in trouble and they need you to send them some money to bail them out.

  • Phone scams

Phone scams have become very common these days. Phone scammers usually use a number of phone scams types to prey on older adults. Phone scammers may give you a missed call so that you can call them back. They may also pretend to be your bank manager calling you to discuss some financial issues. To be safe, you should never call back any unknown number. You should also avoid giving your personal information on phones.

4 Commandments Of Investing For Seniors

4 Commandments Of Investing For Seniors

Congratulations for making it past the 65 years-old mark. Having been around for many decades, I bet you have learnt to follow life’s commandments such as the Biblical commandments. Such commandments are meant to be guidelines that keep individuals out of trouble as they along the life’s highways which are ever full of bad rivers, blind turns, and potholes. The world of investment, just like life, also has a rough highway that is punctuated by dishonest companies, scams and scandals. You might find yourself in the wrong side of the investing world if you don’t observe some basic commandments. Without much ado, here are some of the greatest commandments of investing that all senior citizens who want to succeed in their investments must follow.

  1. One shall set clear investments goals

Without a set of clear investment goals or a clear purpose to direct or direct your investment strategy, then you should not invest. It is that simple. If you do not have a well-defined destination, then the many types of, flavors and styles of investing available may lead you nowhere and you will be lost in the middle of nowhere.

  • One shall be patient

You have heard it many times that patience is a virtue. In fact, patience pays for itself in the world of investing. The market is going to dip sometimes. When this happens, you should be patient and avoid panicking. We are not saying that you should hold on to an investment even if the signs are clear that you should opt out. However, it is a good practice to take your time and observe the market instead of rushing into making decisions based on a temporary bumpy ride.

  • One shall do due diligence

This commandment demands that you get a medicare advantage plans 2019 should never invest in what you don’t understand. By doing due diligence, you will be expanding your general investment knowledge. Before rushing into any investment strategy, be sure to go through a due diligence process. Someone’s recommendation, time deadlines, and your own belief should not be the reasons for you to skip due diligence.

  • One shall diversify

You should never place all your eggs in just one basket. Otherwise, you will lose all of them in case the basket breaks of falls. Instead of investing all your money in one investment, you should diversify so that you can mitigate the risks and increases your chances of success. However, you should not spread your money in so many investments. Otherwise, your investment returns will become average.

Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Heart Healthy As You Age

Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Heart Healthy As You Age

You never know how important it is to breathe easier and have a healthy heart until you get heart disease. As we age, our body organs, including the heart, becomes vulnerable to diseases. For this reason, it is very important for every individual aged 65 and older to work hard to keep their heart healthy. Good diet and regular exercise can keep the heart of every elderly individual healthy. This we all know means getting 2019 Medicare supplement plan F @ but this might not be enough to keep your heart healthy as you grow older. So, what else should you do to maintain a strong ticker at all times? Well, incorporating the following habits into one’s lifestyle can work wonders for the heart.

  1. Avoid staying seated for long hours

According to research, staying seated for long hours can have a negative impact on your life irrespective of how often you exercise. Various researches have shown that sitting down for a long time increases cardiovascular events by more than 100 percent. Again, sitting for long hours significantly increases your risk of suffering a blood clot or deep vein thrombosis. Even if your work involves sitting down for long hours, make sure that you move several times throughout the day. You don’t have to move vigorously. You can simply take brisk walks around your home or office several times.

  • Schedule checkups

Regular blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure checks are very important for seniors to keep their hearts healthy. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are two major conditions that are known to heart the heart a great deal. Unfortunately, they are usually silent and it’s hard to know whether you have developed them unless the doctor tests you. The best thing to do is to go for regular checkups to determine if you have these conditions. 

  • Buy colorful vegetables and fruits

Colorful vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, high in calories, and rich in fiber and minerals. You should get at least 5 servings of these nutrition powerhouses daily and your heart health will get a boost. Colors usually indicate that the vegetable or fruit has a high concentration of a certain nutrient. Tomatoes, for example, are high in lutein, which is very great for both your eyes and heart.

  • Quit smoking

Smoking can cause a number of damages to your health. It can cause lung disease and cancer. It can also increase your risk of suffering a heart attack. And there is no way you can have a healthy heart if you are smoking. So, you have to find a way to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Steps Older Adults Can Take To Get Better Advice and Care From Doctors

Steps Older Adults Can Take To Get Better Advice and Care From Doctors

The uncomfortable truth that you should always be aware of is that not all doctors you contact can provide you with the best or optimal medical advice. The biggest mistake you can do is to assume that your doctor is a professional and is therefore providing you or your aging parent or loved one with the optimal medical advice. Older adults should be provided with optimal medical advice for them to live a healthy life and age healthily. When I say optimal, I simply mean the medical advice that is based on the latest medical knowledge, and has been tailored to your values and preferences.

Yes, doctors out there are usually trying all they can. However, it’s not easy for one doctor to keep up with every recent technology and knowledge.  Again, some doctors are fond of engaging into practice habits which are not even necessary and that which do not serve your interest. For you to get Humana Medicare Advantage plans 2019 the optimal health advice and care from your doctor, you should take the following steps:

  1. Choose your doctor very carefully

In most countries, not all doctors are actually doctors. Some just pose as doctors while in the real sense, they dropped out of medicine school or they have just been around professional doctors and this has helped them know one or two about health, some common diseases and their symptoms, and medicine. So, when it comes to choosing doctors, do it very carefully.  Do a background to ensure that the doctor is highly qualified, licensed, experienced, and licensed. You should also make sure that the doctor is reputable.

  • Learn the basics of health conditions

We are not saying that you should start studying medicine. What we mean is that you should at least do your homework well and know the basics about common health conditions especially those that are common among older adults. You should also learn more about available treatment options. This way, you will be able to know if your doctor is actually giving you optimal health advice or not.

  • Ask your doctor about alternatives

There are usually a number of treatment options for almost every health condition or disease. So, ask your doctor to explain to you about all the alternatives so that you can also help in choosing the best one.

  • Seek another opinion

Don’t just rely on what one doctor has told you. Instead, seek for another opinion from another doctor.

4 Warning Signs Of Investment Fraud Seniors Should Be Aware Of

4 Warning Signs Of Investment Fraud Seniors Should Be Aware Of

Investment is always based on research and trust, but this does not make investors immune to investment frauds. Of course, you must be ready to take risks for you to invest. However, you should ensure that the risk is reasonable. Seniors all over the world are often the easy targets of investment fraudsters. Learning about these risks is one major step towards avoiding them. Imagine someone tricking you out of your hard-earned savings when you are already retired and you need a constant flow of income more than ever. Some of the signs you should watch out for are discussed below.

  1. No risk investments

If you come across an investment that is marketed by an individual or a company to have no risks but only high return, then you should be very careful. This is usually a clear sign of investment fraud because there is no investment with no risks. All investments have risks. So, anyone telling you otherwise is definitely wrong. In fact, there is a very strong relationship between investment returns and investment risks. Normally, an investment associated with high risks normally has high returns.

  • A pushy salesperson

One common thing with all scammers is that they usually try to push you to make a fast or immediate investment decision. They usually want you to make these decisions before you realize you are being defrauded. No reputable and registered investment professional or company will push potential investors to make immediate investment decisions. A reputable investment broker will not tell you that you should act now. In case anyone tries to push you to make an immediate decision on a stock purchase or sale, then you should avoid them with their investments like plague. Such kind of pressure is never appropriate.

  • Guarantees

Guarantees of returns or profits are another clear signs of investment frauds. All investments have risks and there is no way someone can guarantee you that an investment will earn you high returns in a short while irrespective of the turbulences in the economic sector. Anyone who guarantees you that investment is going to perform in a certain way is obviously a con. Every type of investment must carry a certain degree of risk.

  • Unregistered products

Most investment scams often involve unlicensed companies or individuals selling unregistered products or securities. Do your due diligence and find out whether the individual who is trying to sell you securities is licensed. If not, then he is a fraudster.

Things Seniors Should Consider Before Making Investment Decisions

Things Seniors Should Consider Before Making Investment Decisions

As most senior citizens out there, you might be thinking about how to invest your savings so that you can have a consistent flow of enough income but you might not be well conversant with what it takes to make it as an investor. To get you started, we have discussed some of the factors you should always consider before you make the decision to invest in any business. These factors have been discussed below.

  1. Your financial capability

One of the most important things you should consider before investing or making any investment decision is whether you have the financial capacity.  So, assess the situation of your finances first. Before you commit your money to any business, you should start by weighing whether you have the financial capability to finance and comfortable run that particular business. If you don’t have the financial muscles to take on a particular venture to completion, then it is wise not to commit your money on to it.

  • Competition

Before you invest or make an investment decision, you should first analyze the competition and know who your competitors are. Know more about your competitors including their financial powers. Analyzing competition before investing in any business will help you know whether you can be able to withstand the competition.

  • Back up strategies

Another important factor to consider is a back up strategy. Most investments, if not all, sometimes experience hard times, and might make huge losses. So, before you make any investment decision, make sure that you consider 2019 AARP medicare advantage plans what back up strategies are available for that particular investment. For instance, you can take an insurance cover for the business.

  • Exit strategies

Before you make any investment decision, you should first of all consider what exit strategies are available for you, and how viable they are. You might want to invest to achieve certain goals and after which you pull out from an investment. You might also want to stay in an investment for life but it may not prove not to be taking you to your goals. In both cases, you the best thing to do is to pull out of the investment. So, it’s very important that you consider what exit strategies would be the best for you.

  • What your investment advisor says

You don’t have to be a lone ranger in making investment decisions and in your investment journey. Consider consulting a reputable investment expert to help you understand various aspects of investments. Put what your investment expert tells you into consideration before making any investment decision.