Negative Effects Of Sleep Derivation On The Health Of Seniors

Negative Effects Of Sleep Derivation On The Health Of Seniors

 Sleep is very important in any anyone’s life. It is actually natural defense of the body against diseases and sickness. When you sleep, your body gets the time to repair and replace cellular breakdown that had happened during the day. Having a good sleep at night everyday is very important for your energy levels, mood, and your general health. However, it tends to elude adults who are over 65. So, as you age, you should find ways to ensure that you are having a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your body and mind. For elderly individuals, lack of sleep might cause a lot of health problems. Some of the most common health problems that sleep deprivation can cause in an elderly person includes:

  1. Memory problems

Lack of sleep leads interferes with cognitive functions, including long-term memory loss, short-term memory loss, trouble with problem-solving skills, trouble with creativity and concentration.

  • More falls

Sleep deprivation can make seniors drowsy and tired during the day. Being drowsy poses a danger to you because it can significantly affect your coordination and balance in a negative way. This will make you more prone to falls. Falls is one of the major causes of injuries in people who are 65 years and older. Apart from bone fracture and breakage, falls can also cause head injuries among other health problems, which can lead to hospitalization of the injured individual for several week or even months.

  • Increases your risk for heart disease

There are so many health risks that are associated with sleep deprivation not only in seniors, but in all people irrespective of the age. Sleep deprivation can increase your risk of high blood sugar levels, and high blood pressure. This makes you at risk of diabetes and obesity, which are the main causes of heart disease.

  • Mood swings

When you don’t get enough sleep, you are more likely to be quick-tempered, emotional, and moody. All these can affect your appetite negatively, and you might not be able to eat as you should. For instance, you might not be able to stick to healthy diet, and you might also skip meals. All these can make you vulnerable to various diseases and chronic conditions. Having a 2020 medicare supplement plans high impulsivity trait also makes you more likely to fall. Being moody can also affect your mental health and will increase your risk of suffering Alzheimer’s.